From The Hindu:Arts / History & Culture : Madras Miscellany – A matter of scale

This is an extract from “Madras Miscellany – A matter of scale” that appeared in the Arts – History & Culture section of The Hindu dated November 7, 2010. This interesting piece of item speaks about the “use of metaphor intelligently” in the many temples in South Indian and in particular in the Brihadesvara temple in Thanjavur. You can read the entire story by following the link given at the end of the blog.

An interesting portion of the piece is quoted below: –Pradeep Chakravarthy, who extols the Chola sculptor’s “use of metaphor intelligently”, adds, the sculptor’s “master-stroke” is that “this immense dwarapalaka holds one hand in Visvaya mudhra, that is, roughly, ‘How great He is’ and just in case you are thinking ‘He’ is the doorkeeper, the other hand points respectfully with the five fingers to the sanctum inside. You get the idea of the who is biggest now! Ancient sculptors used size to convey importance, bigger being more important.– Read the entire story here: The Hindu : Arts / History & Culture : Madras Miscellany – A matter of scale.

Pradeep Chakravarthy is the author of “Thanjavur – A Cultural History by Pradeep Chakravarthy, Vikram Sathyanathan was born in Tirunelveli in 1975. He completed his education in Madras, New Delhi and London. and works in leadership training in a premier information technology company. He has published more than a hundred articles in leading dailies. A series of articles on the Sarasvati Mahal Library was the beginning of his tryst with Thanjavur. His other books in press include one on Vaishnavism in Tamil Nadu and one on lesser known temples in Tamil Nadu. Pradeep’s other interests include aquariums, Carnatic music and gardening. Pradeep and his wife Anusha live in Chennai with their son Raghavan.

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