A Dedicated Smoker’s Guide To Not Smoking
BY Richard Craze


It’s hard to ignore the voice in your head telling you that smoking makes you look cool. Especially when, from the other side of the debate, we smokers have all been lectured by self-righteous prigs who think that (a) we should want to give up and (b) giving up smoking should be easy.
Well we don’t and it ain’t.
And yet there does come a time when, no matter how much we enjoy smoking, we have to become not smokers.
Richard Craze’s guide gives it to you straight: what it’s really like to give up smoking. The headaches, the sleeplessness, the irritability. He’s been there and his diary reports back from the front line. It may not be pleasant, but it’s honest. It may or may not help you to give up smoking, but it will certainly get you looking at smoking in a new way. And it will give you something to do with your hands.
This is the diary of a dedicated and happy smoker who is now not smoking. Here’s how he did it. Here’s how you can do it too without:

  • the emotional trauma
  • the withdrawal symptoms
  • the twitching
  • the bad temper

Yeah, right. In your dreams.



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