We live in a society dominated by rational and materialist attitudes. Most people don’t even know how to recognise the inner voice of their intuition. Wimer gives practical and simple tips to help us make use of the hunches and flashes of inspiration that appear in all of us, and improve our lives. The book also explains how to identify and apply the four spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecy and healing. Wimer writes in a user-friendly style that allows the general reader to understand what he is presenting easily.


by Howard Wimer


Communication is the key to living a successful life—both inner and outer communication. Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts explores how your personal communication system works and how to make the most of it to live true to your life’s purpose.
Each of us is born with four spiritual gifts—clairvoyance (inner vision), clairaudience (inner thoughts or ideas), prophecy (inner knowing) and healing (inner feelings). Some of these gifts are more well developed in us than others, and they are the foundation for how we individually communicate and use our intuition in daily life. These gifts are like personality traits that define us as a person and determine how we relate to others.
This intriguing and practical book shows you how to identify your primary gifts—your strong points and main avenues of communication—and use them to make your best decisions. You’ll also learn: 

• How to make the most of the hunches, visions, ideas and feelings you receive every day

• Where inspiration really comes from and how to overcome the specific challenges that prevent you from recognizing and acting on it

• How to trust your intuition

• How to become more sensitive to the inner guidance that is meant to help you in specific and practical ways

Finally, Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts shows how you can use each of the four gifts to better relate to and communicate with yourself, your inner guidance and others in your personal, family and business life.


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