Debashis Chanda in his book ‘Visual Rhapsody takes a look at an unusual habit of some artists. Sometimes poets try to paint and painters write poems. In the history of art and literature there have been many occasions when the boundary between different art forms was crossed. Through paintings, drawings and poems created by 23 Bengali artists, Chanda makes an attempt to explore this fascinating area of artistic creativity. In this book, we get valuable glimpses of the literary works of painters who have allowed their creativity to be expressed as poems, which is different from their main medium of artwork. It is an insightful presentation of the phenomenon of cross-over art. This book is also a treasure house of the poetic and visual art of Bengal and it is a publication in both Bengali and English.


By Debashis Chanda


Abanindranath Tagore once remarked, ‘Is an artist obliged only to paint?’ The surge of creativity may often hurtle an artist into different media of expression. In his youth, Rabindranath Tagore also light-heartedly wrote that he did not intend to disappoint any of the ‘muses’, that he longed to try his hand at everything, even painting. This is how a poet wants to step outside poetry and an artist wishes to explore beyond painting. In the history of art and literature there are numerous such instances of border-crossing.
Visual Rhapsody is a fascinating tale of this cross-over. A collection of poems, drawings and paintings by twenty three trail-blazing Bengali artists, it captures the essence of the Art of Bengal in poetic and visual format as it has never been depicted before. A bilingual publication in Bengali and English, its appeal lies in the editor’s ability to assimilate and blend a compelling range so exquisitely, without overwhelming the reader.
Visual Rhapsody is a magical presentation of masters, both past and present, where art meets art and leaves us with indelible impressions.



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