TheArtof Indian Textiles

Rahul Jain

This book celebratesIndia’s spectacular textile art. It takes the reader on a visual odyssey spanning 500 years, tracing the images created on cloth for India’s magnificent courts and

temples, as well as for more distant but not less discerning patrons in Europe andAsia. It showcases the motifs and colours of some of the most remarkable Indian textiles to have survived from the past. Several of these have never been published before, and some appeared in textile books and journals so many decades ago that they are now nearly unknown. At a time when specialist studies have confined the appreciation and study of India’s historical textiles to academic circles and connoisseurs, this book offers a unique survey of the subject to a new generation of textile enthusiasts, practitioners, and researchers.

Rahul Jain is a textile researcher and historian who lives and works inNew Delhi. His publications include technical studies of the traditional Indian drawloom, the woven silks of SultanateIndia, as well as the court velvets, sashes, and luxury fabrics of MughalIndia. He has also written about contemporary Indian hand-crafted textiles. He runs a workshop of traditional drawlooms inVaranasi. The workshop weaves silk samite, lampas, and velvet textiles modelled on historical Indian and Iranian fabrics.


Size: 12.25 inches x 9.5 inches

Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Paper: 150 gsm matt coated

Photographs: 200, Map: 1

ISBN: 978-81-89738-80-8

244 pp., 3995

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