Middle Time.

While going through the papers of her client Tulsi, who died 
under mysterious circumstances, Maya, a lawyer in Chennai, 
discovers a motheaten paperback which transports her back in time. 
Hampi, 1536: the glorious reign of Krishna Deva Raya has ended. 
The times are turbulent, riddled with fratricidal conflicts, secret plots 
and territorial battles. At the centre of the storm is Achale, a beautiful 
temple dancer who is on a quest to uncover the truth behind the 
murder of Thulasi, a Brahmin widow. Ostracized by the village for 
bearing an illegitimate child, Thulasi is catapulted to respectability 
when Manjunatha, her son, is declared a saint after experiencing a 
miracle. Soon after, her dead body is discovered under suspicious 

Why was Thulasi murdered? And why do her secrets have a 
bearing on the untimely death of Tulsi in modern day Chennai? Maya 
has to ask herself these questions as she races against time to catch a 
dangerous enemy and unlock the mystery of murders spanning across 
Watch The Book Trailer . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYP-MUSDfEw&feature=player_embedded

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