About the Book
Nineteen forty-two, Delhi. A young Bengali England-returned journalist finds himself in the capital as the controversy over the Cripps Mission gathers momentum. Crafted in the form of an accidental travelogue, collated from the letters of the young man to a lady friend, Drishtipaat is a deeply reflective account of the capital city, its complex multi-layered history and myths, with liberal injections of humour and spirit. Peopled with vividly drawn characters, Jajabor’s eye fro detail has created a perfect version of the petit bourgeoisie microcosm of the times. In the backdrop, as it attempts to intervene and transform the discourse of the day. A fascinating account of Delhi in the 1940s, this remarkable book will charm the reader, and particularly show how Delhi continues to be a city where immigrants come and meet people who are exact replicas of characters born of Jajabor’s Pen!

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