Soiled Clothes is a fascinating story about human relations and the complexities that arise in them due to the prevailing or prevalent socio-cultural forces. This book is an introspective, offbeat masterpiece which delves deep into contemporary human psyche and raises unnerving questions in this regard. The story centers on Mandira, a young girl from Kolkata, who goes to England for higher studies and marries Thomas Brockway, a promising young aristocrat with an enviable political lineage. The couple is celebrating their silver jubilee by the time Tom is chosen as a Member of the British Parliament, their kids are well settled and all seems right with the world. Then, all of a sudden, Mandira experiences an emotional crisis that makes her end her 26 year old marriage. She begins to live a life of self imposed isolation. What causes this breakdown is the main subject of the novel and the author makes us probe into her psyche while providing different perspectives of the situation through various characters.
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