by Ragini Bali                  

Ragini Bali soars high on the wings of her fantasies. She dreams of ghosts, fearsome demons, nymphs and, of course, the sweet feeling of true, eternal love. After spending most of her 12 years in Poland and New York, she now resides in New Delhi.
‘I do not compose words, something deeper does. I am the conduit… sometimes something inside me breaks free of the mortal world and I am transported to a fantasy realmof my own’ she says.

Wings of Fantasy

Wings of Fantasy announces the arrival of a 12-year-old author, Ragini Bali in the world of children’s literature.The book contains no less than 15 short stories. It provides an insight into what goes on inside the minds of young children. It is her first published work and a testimony to her creativity and command over the language. She pens her fantasies in an astonishingly fresh and simple style of short paragraphs and even shorter sentences.Says Ragini, ‘When I write, my body lies stationery while my soul escapes to joyous places: a lagoon, a forest or even underwater.’
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