by Dr Tabinda J Burney

How to Feed Your Child (and enjoy it)

How to feed your child (and enjoy it)! is all about feeding your children, right from their baby days, through toddlerhood and as they become school-going children, in a way that is traditionally Indian, yet nutritionally sound. This book, and the idea behind it, borrows from the way our mothers and grandmothers fed us; it also examines the methods and ingredients involved, taking the best and modifying the rest to make simple, easy-to-prepare foods that your children will love. And which won’t be a terrible drain on you or your resources!
There are unusual and interesting purees, delectable vegetarian dishes, healthy snacks, innovative school tiffin ideas, festival foods and plenty more in this book, which will be of immense help and support to new mothers everywhere, in particular from the Indian subcontinent and the Indian diaspora worldwide.
It was the author’s desire to recreate her mother’s kitchen in her own modern kitchen, keeping in mind the hectic life of a working mother for whom time is a precious commodity but even more important is the need to feed her child the best possible food she can. Keeping this in mind all the recipes gathered here are time-efficient, simple to follow and are often preceded by the author’s personal experiences and nostalgic vignettes, while bringing up two children, far away from the support and guidance of elders and of coping through trial and error, with the sole aim of preparing nutritious, healthy, made-from-scratch food. In a nutshell this book strives to keep alive the traditional methods of feeding children for the future generation while tempering it with scientific knowledge and practical modifications, keeping in view the changing tastes and preferences of today’s children.

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