The fort of Chittorgarh stands elevated over a 180 meter high hillock and covers a massive area of 700 acres. The antiquity of Chittorgarh is difficult to trace, but it is believed to have been built by the Maurya rulers in the 7th century AD.
Chittorgarh: The Braveheart of Rajputana is yet another attempt to capture the essence of this magnificent fort and record and acknowledge the deeds of courage and valour of its inhabitants. Many books have been written on Chittorgarh but there comes a point in a writer’s account when they find themselves at a loss for words…because, no matter how clever you are with your choice of words, and how well you are able to record the events, there is always a feeling that you are not doing justice to the glorious history of the fort and its larger-than-life people. The subject seems to overtake you with its sheer incomparability.
This book attempts to give you a glimpse into the checkered history of Chittorgarh, that has witnessed some of the bloodiest battles ever—three great sakas (sieges) and some of the most heroic, almost super-human deeds of valour, that are kept alive by the local musicians.
Chittorgarh was home to the likes of Rana Kumbha, Rana Hamir, Rana Pratap, Rani Padmini, Panna Dhai and a host of other legendary figures. This one fort, more than any other, will continue to hold a special place in the heart of every Indian, and not just those from Rajasthan.


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