Catalogue 2014

New Releases
Act of Becoming, The: Actors Talk (HB) 19
Apocalypse Pakistan: An Anatomy of the World’s Most Dangerous Nation (FB) 10
Artistry of Handwork, The (FB) 9
Arunachal: Peoples, Arts and Adornments in India’s Eastern Himalayas (HB) 20
Balochistan at a Crossroads (HB) 20
Bangalore: Roots and Beyond (HB) 20
Baramulla Bomber (PB) 12
Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley (HB) 20
Calcutta in the Nineteenth Century: An Archival Exploration (FB) 14
CF Andrews: Friend of India (PB) 7
Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea (HB) 18
Chivalry and Romance: Vignettes from Indian History and Bardic Legends (HB) 14
Ekkos Clan, The (PB) 12
Excuse Me, Can We Have Our Country Back? (FB) 16
For Honour (PB) 12
From Rebel to Founding Father: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (HB) 7
India Since 1947: Looking Back at a Modern Nation (FB) 11
Kailash and Manasarovar: A Quest Beyond the Himalaya (HB) 21
Laila ke Khutoot: The Letters of Laila (PB) 12
Legacy of Maulana Azad: Islam, Pluralism, Nationhood (PB) 7
Legendotes of Hyderabad (HB) 15
Light of Asia: Indian Silent Cinema, 1912-1934 (HB) 8
Making Faces: Self and Image Creation in a Himalayan Valley (HB) 6
New Delhi Down The Decades: A Behind-the-lens View of the City (FB) 21
Other Lives, Other Fragments (HB) 13
Quest for Paradise, The: Gardens, Past, Present and Future (HB) 17
Quilts of India: Timeless Textiles (HB) 9
Prakash Padukone Story, The (FB) 7
Rabindranath Tagore: His World of Art (HB) 6
Radha: From Gopi to Goddess (HB) 6
Red Blooms in the Forest (PB) 13
Security, Governance, and Democratic Rights: Essays on the North-East (PB) 11
Temple Tents for Goddesses in Gujarat, India (HB) 9
Theatre of Bhanu Bharti, The: A New Perspective (HB) 19
Forthcoming Titles
Architecture and Art of the Early Chalukyas: Badami, Mahakuta, Aihole, Pattadakal 25
Culture of Indigo in Asia: Plant, Product, Power 26
Himalayan Cities: Settlement Patterns, Public Places and Architecture 22
Ragachitra: Deccani Ragamala Paintings 23
Shekhawati: Painting a Desert 23
Shiv Kumar Sharma: The Man & His Music 24
Teasing Questions: Exploring Disconnects in Contemporary India 27
New Releases
Magic Mantra: For Young Adults to Achieve Success in Life 10a
Proceedings of Indian National Congress-II Vol. 2, 1890-1894 10b
Education as Freedom: Tagore’s Paradigm 10b
Treasures: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai 10a
Treasures: Salar Jung, Hyderabad 10a
Excelsior: The Story of Wynberg-Allen School 10a
Forthcoming Titles
Aamir Khan: Actor Activist Achiever 26d
Ainmanes of Kodagu: Ancestral Homes of Kodagu and their Socio-Cultural Significance 26c
A Stamp is Born 26a
Embodied Vision: Interpreting the Architecture of Fatehpur Sikri 26a
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw: The man and his times 26b
Filmi Jagat: Shared Universe of Hindi Cinema 26d
Hindu College Delhi: A People’s Movement 26a
Indian Classical Dance: The Renaissance and Beyond 26a
Kaavad Tradition of Rajasthan: A Portable Pilgrimage 26c
Kodaikanal: Vanishing Heritage of an Island in the Sky 26c
Megha Meets Vishwakarma: The Story of Indian Crafts 26b
Vijayanagara Empire: Ruins to Resurrection 26c

Architecture of Santiniketan: Tagore’s Concept of Space (HB) 28
A to Z of 121 Unconventional Management Concepts (FB) 81
Akriti to Sanskriti: The Journey of Indian Forms (HB) 29
Alipore Bomb Case, The (FB) 63
Anglo-Indian, The: A 500-Year History (FB) 63
Antarctica: India’s Journey to the Frozen Continent (HB) 86
Ashray (PB) 58
Autumn Raga (HB) 50
Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir, The (HB) 63
Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom (HB) 73
Barbed Wire Fence (FB) 50
Beethoven and Friends (HB) 71
Birju Maharaj: The Master Through My Eyes (HB) 34
Bismillah Khan: The Maestro from Benaras (HB) 34
Blood, Sweat and Tears (FB) 50
Bombay/Mumbai: Immersions (HB) 73
Buddhist Paintings of Tun Huang: In the National Museum, New Delhi (HB) 29
Calendar Too Crowded, A (FB) 58
Campaign in India, The (HB) 63
Chitra Pothi: Illustrated Palm-Leaf Manuscripts from Orissa (HB) 29
Chittorgarh: The Braveheart of Rajputana (FB) 59
Close to Events: Works of Bikash Bhattacharjee (HB) 34
Crafts Atlas of India (HB) 45
Crescent Moon, The (PB) 77
Crown, The (PB) 75
Dancing with Kali (FB) 50
Daniells’ India: Views from the Eighteenth Century (HB) 29
Darker Dawn, A (FB) 51
Delhi: Light, Shades, Shadows (FB) 59
Dialogue of Awaara, The: Raj Kapoor’s Immortal Classic (FB) 42
Dialogue of Mother India, The: Mehboob Khan’s Immortal Classic (FB) 42
Dilli’s Red Fort: By the Yamuna (HB) 59
Dilliz Boyz (HB) 51
Elizabeth Brunner: Her Life—Her Words (HB) 34
Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History (HB) 64
Fatehpur Sikri: Akbar’s Magnificent City on a Hill (HB) 64
Fida-e-Lucknow: Tales of the City and its People (FB) 51
Field Marshal KM Cariappa (HB) 35
Fighting Spirit, A: Selected Writings of Ashoka Gupta (HB) 35
Fireflies (PB) 77
Folk Arts of West Bengal and the Artist Community (HB) 30
Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta, The (HB) 59
Fruit Gathering (PB) 77
Fugitive, The (PB) 77
Gap-Toothed Banister, The: A Tale of Anglo-India (FB) 51
Girmitiya Saga, The (HB) 52
Gitagovinda and Odisha (HB) 60
Gitanjali (PB) 78
Guide for Gentlemen Chefs, A (FB) 44
Gupp & Gossip from the Hills (FB) 68
Half a Face (FB) 52
Hampi: Discover the Splendours of Vijayanagar (HB) 60
Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala’s Guruvayur Temple (HB) 79
Hindu Joy of Life (HB) 79
Hinduism (HB) 79
Historical Gurdwaras of Delhi (FB) 60
Honest Always Stand Alone, The (HB) 70
Hotel Calcutta (FB) 52
Backlist (continued)
How to Feed Your Child (and enjoy it)! (FB) 44
I Believe I Can Fly (PB) 81
In Crocodile Country (PB) 52
In Search of a New Afghanistan (PB) 46
In Search of Your America (PB) 81
In the Absence of Jagannatha (HB) 30
In the Shadows: Unknown Craftsmen of Bengal (FB) 45
Incident at Saheb Bagan, The (PB) 41
India and its Native Princes (HB) 64
India’s Legendary East Coast (FB) 86
India Through the Ages (HB) 65
Indian National Flag unfurled through Philately, The (FB) 64
Indian Paintings in the Sarabhai Foundation (HB) 30
Indian Painting: The Lesser-Known Traditions (HB) 30
Indira Gandhi: The Final Chapter (FB) 68
Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts (PB) 81
Intimacies (HB) 73
Intriguing India (Compendium of four books) 43
Intriguing India: The Alluring North (PB) 87
Intriguing India: The Vibrant West (PB) 87
Intriguing India: The Historic South (PB) 87
Intriguing India: The Colourful East (PB) 87
Invisible City: The Hidden Monuments of Delhi (HB) 60
It Happened Along the Kaveri: A Journey Through Space and Time (FB) 61
Jaipur Quilts (FB) 45
Jama Masjid: Call of the Soul (HB) 61
Kabulnama (PB) 88
Karan Singh: A Tryst with History (HB) 35
Kayakalpa: The Elixir of Everlasting Youth (HB) 53
King of the Dark Chamber, The (PB) 75
KN Panikkar: The Theatre of Rasa (HB) 84
Kumarajiva: The Transcreator of Buddhist Chinese Diction (HB) 39
Kutiyattam: The Heritage Theatre of India (HB) 47
Lata Mangeshkar: In Her Own Voice (HB) 35
Letters of a Mussoorie Merchant (FB) 65
Light Within, The: A Different Vision of Life (HB) 73
Luminous Harmony: Indian Art and Culture (HB) 31
Madhukari: Art of Honey-gathering (HB) 53
Malini (PB) 75
Mandra (HB) 53
Mapping India (HB) 40
Masters of Indian Painting (HB) 31
Meeting Lives (HB) 53
MF Husain: A Pictorial Tribute (HB) 36
Middle Time (HB) 54
Mussoorie Medley: Tales of Yesteryear (FB) 61
Mutiny Memoirs (FB) 65
My Days with Ramkinkar Baij (HB) 36
Mystics of the East (FB) 83
Nainsukh of Guler: A Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill-state (HB) 31
Nationalism (PB) 48
Native Races of the British Empire,The (HB) 65
Nawab Sultan Jahan Begam (PB) 66
Never a Disconnect (HB) 54
Nicholas Roerich: A Quest & A Legacy (HB) 36
Nicholas Roerich/Ashok Dilwali: Inspired by the Himalayas (HB) 74
Nirad C Chaudhuri: Many Shades, Many Frames (HB) 36
North-Western Provinces of India, The (HB) 66
Odissi: The Dance Divine (HB) 47
Office Fables for Today’s Manager (FB) 82
Osho India and Me: A Tale of Sexual and Spiritual Transformation (FB) 83
Pahari Masters: Court Painters of Northern India (HB) 31

Partners in Freedom: Jamia Millia Islamia (HB) 66
Perfectly Untraditional (HB) 54
Point of Vanishing, The: A Tale of Truth and Things Imagined (PB) 83
Proceedings of the Indian National Congress Vol. 1, 1885-1889 (HB) 66
Quest, The: Script of Goutam Ghose’s Film Moner Manush (FB) 42
Rabindranath Tagore: A Pictorial Biography (HB) 37
Raj Revisited, The (HB) 32
Ramayana, The: Love and Valour in India’s Great Epic (HB) 32
Ranga Roopa: Gods. Words. Images (FB) 41
Rapture: The Art of Indian Textiles (HB) 45
Red Oleanders (PB) 75
Religion of Man (PB) 48
Rethinking Modernity: Towards Post Rational Architecture (HB) 28
Riding the Himalayas (FB) 88
Rivers of India (HB) 61
Ruskin Bond: The Mussoorie Years… (HB) 37
Sacrifice (PB) 76
Sarojini Naidu: Her Way with Words (HB) 37
Satyadev Dubey: A Fifty-year Journey Through Theatre (HB) 84
Sayings from the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita (Compendium of three books) 43
Sayings from the Bhagvad Gita (FB) 80
Sayings from the Upanishads (FB) 80
Sayings from the Vedas (FB) 80
Secrets from the Kitchen: Fifty Years of Culinary Experience at the India International Centre (HB) 44
Simply Do It, Do It Simply (FB) 82
Sir Padampat Singhania: Man of All Seasons (HB) 37
So Many Journeys (HB) 47
Soiled Clothes (HB) 54
Songs of Tagore (FB) 71
Sourav Ganguly: The Maharaja of Cricket (HB) 38
Sunderbans: The Mystic Mangrove (HB) 72
Suneet Varma (HB) 49
Sunil Gavaskar: Cricket’s Little Master (HB) 38
Tagore’s Dance-Drama Omnibus (PB) 85
Tagore’s Mystique of Dance (HB) 47
Tagore’s Paintings: Versification in Line (HB) 32
Tantu: The Loom of Life (HB) 55
Tenth Unknown, The (FB) 55
Thanjavur: A Cultural History (HB) 62
Things Indian (HB) 67
Tibetan Art (HB) 32
Tracing Marco Polo’s Journey: The Silk Route (HB) 88
Trial of Mangal Pandey, The: State Papers (PB) 67
Triolet (PB) 55
Triptych, A (FB) 55
Uttara Yogi (HB) 56
Vignettes en Route (FB) 56
Visual Rhapsody (HB) 33
Walking Through Fire (PB) 56
Waltz in Happiness (HB) 56
Watch Out!: A Handbook for Safe Living (PB) 82
Well Met in Cyprus (HB) 57
White and Black: A Journey to the Centre of Imperial Calcutta (HB) 62
Wild Wonders of India (HB) 72
Wings of Fantasy (PB) 57
Wit and Humour: In Colonial North India (HB) 69
Wit and Wisdom: Pickings from the Parsee Punch (HB) 69
Words of the Master (Compendium of twelve books) 43
Word is Sacred, Sacred is the Word, The (HB) 33
Zohra Segal: ‘Fatty’ (HB) 38
Zorba the Buddha (PB)


One comment on “Catalogue 2014

  1. niyogibooks says:


    HAMPI (HC) 6
    Mussoorie Medley (FB) 7
    Thanjavur (HC) 8
    Rethinking Modernity (HC) 9
    The Honest Always Stand Alone (HC) 10
    Kayakalpa (HC) 10
    Never A Disconnect (HC) 11
    Dancing with Kali (FB) 11
    In Search of Your America 12
    Inner Guidance 12

    Sir Padampat Singhania (HC) 14
    Nainsukh of Guler 15
    Rabindranath Tagore: A Chronicle of his Life and Works 16
    Kutiyattam 17
    Rapture: The Art of Indian Textiles 18
    Indian Painting: The Lesser Known Traditions 19
    Invisible City: The Hidden Monuments of Delhi (FB)/(HC) 20
    Folk Arts of West Bengal and the Artists’ Community 21
    Middle Time 22
    Well Met in Cyprus 22
    Soiled Clothes 23
    Tantu: The Loom of Life 23

    The Dialogue of: Awaara (FB) 26
    The Dialogue of: Mother India (FB) 27
    Akriti to Sanskriti (HC) 28
    Indian Paintings: in the Sarabhai Foundation (HC) 29
    Tibetan Art (HC) 30
    Pahari Masters (HC) 31
    Chitra-pothi: Illustrated Palm-leaf Manuscripts from Orissa (HC) 32
    The Word is Sacred; Sacred is the Word: The Indian Manuscript Tradition (HC) 33
    Close to Events: Works of Bikash Bhattacharjee (HC) 34
    Visual Rhapsody (HC) 35
    Uttara Yogi (HC) 36
    Half A Face (FB) 36
    The Girmitiya Saga (HC) 37
    Lata Mangeshkar in Her Own Voice (HC) 38
    Field Marshal KM Cariappa (HC) 39
    Sunil Gavaskar (HC) 40
    Sourav Ganguly: The Maharaja of Cricket (HC) 41
    Karan Singh: A Tryst with History (HC) 42
    In the Shadows: Unknown Craftsmen of Bengal (FB) 43
    Beethoven and Friends (HC) 44
    Wit and Humour in Colonial North India (HC) 45
    White & Black: A Journey to the Centre of Calcutta (HC) 46
    The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta (HC) 47
    Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala’s Guruvayur Temple (HC) 48
    The Ramayana: Love and Valour in India’s Great Epic (HC) 49
    Hindu: Joy of Life (FB) 50
    Sayings from the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagvad Gita (Slip case) 51
    Dilli’s Red Fort: By the Yamuna (HC) 52
    Jama Masjid: Call of the Soul (HC) 53
    Partners in Freedom: Jamia Millia Islamia (HC) 54
    The Bakkarwals (HC) 55
    Delhi: Light, Shades, Shadows (FB)/(HC) 56
    A Guide for Gentlemen Chefs (FB) 57
    So Many Journeys (HC) 58
    Odissi: The Dance Divine (HC) 59
    Wild Wonders of India (HC) 60
    Sunderbans: The Mystic Mangrove (HC) 61
    Riding the Himalayas (FB) 62
    India Through the Ages (HC) 63
    The Trial of Mangal Pandey: State Papers (FB) 63
    Mutiny Memoirs (FB) 64
    The Alipore Bomb Case (FB) 65
    Meeting Lives (HC) 66
    A Triptych (FB) 66
    A to Z of 121 Unconventional Management Concepts (FB) 67
    Office Fables (FB) 67
    Wings of Fantasy (FB) 68
    Stop Smoking Stay Cool (PB) 68
    Ranga Roopa (FB) 68
    I Believe I Can Fly (FB) 69
    World Cup Cricket Quiz (FB) 69
    Ashray (FB) 69

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